I am shopping around for a shed. Why should I choose LSQ? We build our units on site so we can accommodate special requests, such as the location of the door and roof height for no additional charge. We schedule installations within days of order time and deliver and install our units free of charge in the DC Metropolitan area. 
What is LSQ's background? We have over 25 years of experience in construction, design and architecture. We can help you with all your exterior (porch, patio, decks, fence, etc.) and interior (renovations/remodeling) needs. 
Does the exterior of the shed need to be painted? Absolutely. You will need to either paint or stain/seal the exterior of your unit to protect it against the elements. This is a step that unfortunately is sometimes skipped and often delayed. If you are interested in having us prime and paint the exterior of your storage quarters, we will be glad to provide you with an estimate.
Are the Living Units insulated? The Living Quarters are fully insulated.
Can I get a larger version than what is available? Custom sizes are available. Please call 703.943.8857 or Email us to discuss your needs in detail.
Can windows be added to the Storage Quarters? Yes, operational windows can be added for a small fee. Email us to discuss your needs in detail.

How about wiring the Storage/Living Quarters, do I need an electrician? Wiring the quarters is the responsibility of the owner. We suggest that you hire a licensed electrician to supply power and lights according to your local codes.
What about site prep, or permits? Are you able to help us obtain a permit, if one is needed? LSQ will take care of preparing the location as long as the area is fairly level and is also clear of bushes/trees. We would appreicate if you would pick up after pets as we will be walking around the yard and carrying materials in. Obtaining a permit, or finding out if one is needed is the client's responsibility, however we can take care of the process for a small fee.
Are you able to do the foundation work if one is needed? In 95% of cases, concrete blocks are sufficient. However, if a foundation system is needed, we can take care that for you. 

Are the Living Units covered under warranty? Living Quarters are build according to the International Residential Code (IRC-2000) and carry a limited lifetime warranty on how they are built.

Do you offer package pricing for multiple orders? We certainly do. Please contact us to discuss.

What methods of payment do you accept? We accept checks and credit cards.